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DSI-NRF Postgraduate Scholarship

The DSI and NRF are inviting students to apply for DSI-NRF Postgraduate Student Funding, for the 2025 academic Year.


First-time Master’s: 5 July 2024.

First-time Doctoral: 5 July 2024.

Master’s and Doctoral Extension Support: 15 September 2024.

Honours (General): 22 November 2024.

How to apply:

Applications must be submitted online at: DSI-NRF Postgraduate Scholarship Application 2025


For any queries related to this scholarship programme, please contact your Universities Research or Postgraduate office.


If you still need to contact the NRF, please contact the relevant person:

General honours related enquiries:


Contact person: Mr Lehlogonolo Phaahla: Professional Officer – HICD

Tel: 012 481 4315

Email: LA.Phaahla@risa.nrf.ac.za


Bursary provider website: https://www.nrf.ac.za/dsi-nrf-postgraduate-student-funding-for-the-2024-academic-year/

For Studies in

  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Other

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