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Winners announced at the
‘Science Oscars’ of SA

15 Winners received their trophies from Deputy Minister, Buti Manamela…

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Read all about the winners
of the NSTF-South32

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Awards Gala
Dinners and live broadcast
– 21 July 2022

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Finalists announced for
the 2022 NSTF-South32

Recognising contributions to science, engineering, technology and innovation in South Africa…

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Special Theme Award
2022: Basic sciences
for sustainable development

The 24th annual Awards Gala Event will present an award for an outstanding contribution in this area.

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What is new in the 2021/2022 round of Awards?

Nomination registrations this year are now closed.

Full nomination documents have to be submitted by the second deadline
(set for the 1 March 2022)


There are no changes to the criteria of categories, apart from the following listed in the following categories:

The NSTF is making a special award this year for an outstanding contribution to SET and innovation arising from research and development in the Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development. This Special Award is intended to focus on research, development and innovation in the basic sciences in support of sustainable socio-economic growth in South Africa. This is in recognition of the declaration by UNESCO of the 2022 International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development (SDGs).
Sponsored by Eskom. This award has been broadened this year to allow for teams to be nominated and for Engineering Capacity Development which leads to Engineering research capacity development to be recognised. The framework of the award remains the same.
The NSTF under the guidance of a team of experts through the Data Intensive Research Initiative of South Africa (DIRISA) and the Network of Data and Information Curation Communities (NeDICC) re-modelled this category last year. The NSTF continues this category introduced in 2017, which is meant to acknowledge the work of an individual or a team (including for example researchers/scientists; data scientists; data stewards; innovators; and repository and data centre managers) to be rewarded for the generation, preservation, sharing and/or re-use of a valuable scientific output – the research data set. Data products, data repositories and data centres are also eligible for team recognition. The intention is to recognise the value of a data set that is of national interest or for the public good, and that is openly available to be re-used and / or re-packaged in products that are of public good and interest, or that could be integrated into products that contribute to the development of South Africa.

Was introduced in 2015 under the sponsorship of GreenMatter. In 2018 the sponsorship was taken over by The Lewis Foundation. Last year The Lewis Foundation, whilst still associated with the NSTF, moved its funding to the NSTF Brilliants Programme (for the top science and mathematics matriculants) and the award was discontinued. The NSTF has decided to re-establish the NSTF Green Economy Award in the hopes that a new sponsor will soon come forward for this vital area for innovation, research and development.

With a view to making clearer the interpretation of Terms and Conditions, section 2, sub-paragraph 2, Note 1 has been added.  The note spells out category by category how previous winners might approach a further nomination. This has particular relevance to teams where a member of the team has been a previous winner.

Please take note that for this category, there is a special call to professional science communicators to apply.

We introduced a major change to the Innovation category in 2017 and continue to give greater emphasis on ‘innovation’. These awards are now called the ‘Awards for Innovations and their research and/or development’ over the last 5 to 10 years through either a small, medium or micro enterprise (SMME) or a corporate organisation.

Other changes introduced for some years is to allow all research categories to be open to anyone involved in research. It was previously implied that a PhD was a pre-requisite. We have changed the definition so that this is clearly not the case, and we have strengthened the focus on the further development of outputs towards innovation.  The periods are now clearly anchored to the commencement of the research.

NSTF-South32 Awards


The NSTF welcomes collaboration with other organisations, such as those they have been in partnerships with for many years:

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