4th industrial revolution (4IR) career fields

There are already many 4IR careers, especially all those that involve computers or information technology (IT). The 4IR is about technology becoming so advanced that big data (huge amounts of data) can be stored and analysed by computer, and computers and robots can teach themselves – this is called artificial intelligence (AI). There are careers listed below with other icons that are also relevant for the 4IR or the era in which we live in 2020. Green careers, medical careers and all branches of engineering are still relevant in the era of the 4IR. The crisis faced by humanity – destruction of the natural environment and climate change – is part of the era of our lives and have to be urgently understood and addressed. Pandemics are expected to break out more often, and sciences that study pandemics are therefore very relevant.

Engineering career fields

All branches of engineering are interesting and very useful. It is thanks to engineers that we have roads, bridges and dams, computers, automated machines, and even airplanes, cars and trains. The physical, human-made environment is desiged and built by engineers. Engineering involves studying but is also about getting things done practically.

Green career fields

‘Green’ careers are those careers that help with the conservation of nature, ecosystems and global systems that are natural. Green careers include researching nature. All life sciences are regarded as green. Green careers are also those that create a ‘circular economy’ – where waste is reduced and recycled. Green careers also include building a ‘green economy’ – where natural plants, animals and ecosystems are valued as much as money and products that are sold.

Medical career fields

All medical career fields remain relevant and important. The use of IT in medical fields and treatments has been increasing, and is now a part of medical study, research and practice. Pharmacology (the study of drugs, and the creation of new drugs) is an important medical field. Here too, IT has become an essential part of the field.

Mathematical career fields

Here we look at career fields where maths plays a big role. Some of these careers include statistics. Maths can be studied and researched on its own (by mathematicians) or studied and researched as part of other fields.

Creativity needed

There are certain career fields where creativity is needed, for example architecture (the design of buildings and other structures). However, creativity is part of the attitude you need to participate in 4IR career fields. Increasingly, careers demand problem solving, the ability to think of new ways of doing things, and the creation of new apps, programming, methods or products, etc. Being able to play an innovative role might be what makes the difference between unemployment and making a living by having you own business.

Green career fieldsSocial science fields

Social sciences are those areas of study and research, where people and societies are studied. This includes the behaviour and problems of people, in groups or alone, and human social systems like those in politics and economics, etc.