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South Africa’s participation and leadership role in the Science Sector of UNESCO

UNESCO is known for its work in improving people’s lives in developing countries and for addressing international global challenges. Where does South Africa stand in relation to UNESCO? SA as both a developed and a developing country, should be fully participating in collaborative UNESCO initiatives, and playing a leadership role where we can. So what is the current state of relations? To what extent is SA making productive use of opportunities for collaboration, and to what extent is it playing a leadership role?

The NSTF hereby invites members, as well as stakeholders and role players of the Science, Engineering, Technology and Innovation (SETI) community to join the discussions on Science,
Engineering, Technology, and the Environment, in relation to UNESCO’s international programmes. This 45th NSTF Plenary meeting is in support of the SA Science Sector of UNESCO, which decided that a session should be organised with all relevant stakeholders to present opportunities in relation to UNESCO. This meeting is just one high-level platform of many others that the NSTF hosts, which provides constructive interaction and discussion with government and stakeholders on key priority areas of concern to the SETI community. It is an open forum, not only to members, but to the community at large, providing engagement with government officials and key roleplayers on a senior level.


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