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Science Diplomacy for Africa Award

About the Award

The NSTF is partnering with the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) through their Science Diplomacy Capital for Africa initiative, on a new award for Science Diplomacy for Africa. The award will recognise an outstanding contribution to science, engineering and technology (SET) and innovation by an individual or a team in South Africa which has led to impactful solutions and/or contributions through science diplomacy between and among countries for the benefit of South Africa and Africa.

The Science Diplomacy Award is open to South African researchers, state officials, and organisations,  including any individual or team or organisation in South Africa engaged in science diplomacy in the field of SET and innovation: e.g. who has developed or contributed to developing co-operation in science, research and development, engineering and other technical fields between and among countries for the benefit of South Africa and other countries in Africa.

The objective is to:    

  • Recognise scientific or engineering work that has achieved international collaborations, agreements or contracts involving two or more countries for the benefit of South Africa and Africa
  • Recognise the achievement through profiling of South African SET capabilities of SET activities, international joint undertakings in the field of SET and Innovation and events
  • Recognise a contribution made to decisions or policies adopted by other countries where contributions of science work by South African SET personnel has been influential and recognised in the body of such decisions or policies
  • Raise public awareness of  such SET and innovation issues and of how the quality of people’s daily lives is affected by such issues, and the  opportunities for getting involved in SET and innovation issues


Any branch of science including social science is applicable, the life and ocean sciences, physical and/or social sciences, engineering and/or mathematics, as well as, health and environmental issues related to SET and innovation as well as projects which involve co-operation on joint engineering construction projects. 

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The NSTF welcomes collaboration with other organisations, such as those they have been in partnerships with for many years:

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