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What We Do

The National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) is a consultative forum and watchdog for influencing the formulation and delivery of science, engineering, technology (SET) and innovation public policy in South Africa. Furthermore, the NSTF:

Provides information

Promotes SET and innovation

Hosts platforms for networking and debate on current SET issues

Engages with government on SET-related policy

The professionals involved in the member organisations have the opportunity to share their insights on NSTF platforms. All projects are typically collaborative in nature and national in their reach.

National Footprint

The NSTF has touched the lives of many young South Africans and communities through youth and public outreach and activities. This occurs in all provinces under the Brilliants and Share ‘n Dare programmes. In addition, hundreds of people from across the country have attended NSTF discussion forums. The national footprint is further extended by the NSTF Awards. Since starting in 1998, the awards have recognised many SET role models nationally.

NSTF Activities

Discussion Forums / Workshops

These address issues of public SET-related policies. Five to six gatherings are held per year and are attended by 30-80 participants each. The topics are of cross-cutting relevance to the SET community. All presentations, as well as write-ups of the discussions, are posted on the NSTF website. This contributes to fulfilling the NSTF’s main mandate.

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Distributing SET news through the monthly newsletter

The newsletter focuses on SET-related public policies, events and other SET news in South Africa, in addition to NSTF news. The information is taken from a wide variety of sources to give readers a monthly overview of the SET landscape. Subscribe to the NSTF newsletter which is sent to about 13000 individuals.

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Running the NSTF Awards process and gala dinner

The NSTF has been running the NSTF Awards since 1998. This includes all the arrangements, publicity and fundraising, as well as the adjudication process and associated youth outreach projects.

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A platform for Department of Science and Innovation and other government departments

The NSTF is a platform for the government to brief NSTF stakeholders and to listen to their concerns.

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