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The NSTF promotes science, engineering, technology, (SET), including mathematics and innovation among the youth.

This is important because

  • SET subjects open doors for learners to pursue fulfilling careers
  • The future of SET and innovation depends on young people being inspired to explore the subjects, study courses and exciting careers that exist already, and the new ones that will exist in future

The NSTF promotes SET among the youth in the following ways:

  • The Brilliants programme celebrates the top performers in matric maths and science, and aims to motivate and inspire them to continue with studies for SET-related careers
  • The Share ‘n Dare programme creates platforms for top researchers and other SET professionals to inform and inspire high school learners and university students
  • The Bursary database for SET-related studies collects bursary information so that SET-related study funding can be found in one place for easy access.
  • The details of 50 SET career paths gives information for learners and students on SOME of the many great careers that can be pursued
  • Financial contributions towards projects that promote SET education and awareness, through the proSET (professional associations) sector of the NSTF

Youth projects previously implemented by NSTF:

  • National Youth Service (NYS) programme (on behalf of the Department of Science and Technology (DST)) which provides opportunities for work experience to previously unemployed young SET graduates. NSTF managed the NYS programme from 2007 to 2012. Anyone interested in the current programme can contact SAASTA, which is part of the National Research Foundation.
  • Incentive Bursary Scheme for undergraduate students in SET studies (on behalf of the Department of Science and Technology) which provided study support to about 70 students from 2008 to 2015. (The programme has now been phased out by the DST).

NSTF Youth Programmes

Find out more about the Brilliants and Share ‘n Dare Programme

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