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About the Award

The award recognises a communicator who has made an outstanding contribution to science, engineering and technology (SET) through a substantial impact in terms of public awareness of SET. Experience has shown that nominations come from two broad groups of people: professional science communicators, employed as journalists, writers, and presenters in science communication institutions, and professionals in other fields such as lecturing, SET management and research, but who make communication about SET part of their lives. This award is open to both such groups. However the responses to the criteria in the motivation could be different and the Adjudication Panel will be sensitive to that. A leaning towards professional science communicators will apply. Initially, from 2007 to 2014 the award was made in collaboration with SAASTA/NRF.

Award for communication for outreach and creating awareness of SET and innovation within the last 5 years

The award recognises a communicator who has made an outstanding contribution to SET through making a substantial impact in terms of public awareness.

This award is made to South African journalists, researchers, writers, educators, academics, specialist science communicators or science centres. The award is open to anyone:

Who has had articles published in any South African print medium


Who has had insert broadcasts on any South African radio or television programme


Who has communicated science and technology regularly in other innovative ways (eg online interactive material, drama, cartoons, exhibitions, public lectures and other science engagement events) during the past five years

Entries may include communicating on the life sciences, physical and social sciences, engineering and mathematics, as well as policy, health and environmental issues related to science and technology.

Aims: The award is intended to encourage the promotion of science and technology through conventional and/or innovative means, in order to:

Raise public awareness of SET issues and how the quality of people’s daily lives is affected by such issues

Raise public awareness of career opportunities in SET

Engage the public in SET in innovative ways

Method and quality of delivery: The communicator must use innovative and diverse but appropriate approaches in his or her communication to public audiences. The award-winning communicator/researcher’s work should promote knowledge and an understanding of controversial or complex issues. The communicator’s approach must be accessible, innovative, objective, responsible and scientifically correct.

Reach of communication: The reach of the nominee’s public communication should be demonstrable. The communication should preferably include diverse audiences.

To include with the nomination form: A portfolio of communication interventions and products. This should incorporate:

Copies of the articles/programmes/books or videos/DVDs of performances

Documentation which provides evidence of the nominee’s work

Any awards for science communication and/or grants received for public awareness projects (e.g. National Science Week) should be mentioned in the nomination form.

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