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ICT Security and Privacy Issues

Emperors Palace, Convention Centre, 64 Jones Road, Kempton Park, Gauteng (next to OR Tambo International Airport)
08:30 for 09:00-16:00

This discussion forum is mainly aimed at informing the science and technology community of the risks of using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), and how to mitigate these, as many professionals have not specifically been trained in IT or ICT. We would also be seeking to identify gaps in the applicable legislation, regulations and institutional measures – and give feedback to the relevant authorities if there are indeed substantial gaps.

The use of the internet has become commonplace, among the public as well as various professionals – researchers in all fields, engineers, employees in both the public and private sectors… In addition, the smart phone and tablet have become ubiquitous among those who can afford it, leading to increasing internet use from handheld devices. These developments take place so fast that there is little time or opportunity for the users to consider issues of personal and professional privacy and security of data. How well do the providers of various platforms look after the privacy and security of their users’ data? As non-ICT experts, what can we as professionals do in this regard? Are our institutions sufficiently equipped to deal with the challenges, as technology changes? What legislation is relevant for protecting the individual’s privacy and research data owned by individuals, companies or institutions? What research is being done to address such issues?


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