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“Universities must fall?” with guest speaker Prof. Barney Pityana

The NSTF notes with deep concern the unrest at our universities across the country, knowing that it will have a lasting negative impact on our education systems, the futures of current students, the availability and commitment of academics and post-graduate students, the research undertaken in South Africa, and the future of our country as a whole. It is with this context in mind that we are addressing related issues in the interest of stakeholders in the science, engineering and technology (SET) community which are part of the NSTF.

A person of high moral standing, who can speak from experience, as President of the Convocation of the University of Cape Town (UCT), ex-vice-chancellor and principal of the University of South Africa (Unisa) and former Chairman of the South African Human Rights Commission, Prof. Barney Pityana, has been invited to address the NSTF discussions as guest speaker.


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