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Professor Alta Schutte

Getting to the heart of hypertension 

NSTF-TW Kambule Award: Research and its outputs over the last 5-10 years “I am absolutely delighted to be paid to do what I love most,” she says. “As I have moved from a junior to senior scientist, I found it so rewarding seeing how young scientists develop around me and what I can do to contribute to that. I also find it highly rewarding to see how our small research group developed over the past 15 years from five to 13 highly active academics, with a vibrant research culture.”

Every year 10-million people around the world die needlessly because of high blood pressure or hypertension, making it the planet’s single biggest killer. They will suffer a stroke, have a heart attack, or die from another related cardiovascular complication. Prof Alta Schutte is unit director: South African Medical Research Council Unit on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease. She holds the Department of Science and Technology-National Research Foundation South African Research Chair: Early Detection and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Africa at the Faculty of Health Sciences, North-West University (NWU). She is also the Professor in Physiology for the Hypertension in Africa Research Team (Hart) at NWU. (Read more about her in the Mail & Guardian article. Mail & Guardian is an NSTF media partner.)

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