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Career paths for researchers – where to in a changing world?

Researchers are critical to development and solving socio-economic issues: Research is critical to advancing the science, engineering and technology (SET) and innovation output goals of a country, its development, and its global competitiveness. Suitably skilled scientists, lecturers, engineers, and related professionals are vital.

Hurdles and opportunities for these skilled professionals: The technology-driven fluidity across boundaries of countries, disciplines, economic sectors, and occupations mean a world rich with opportunities. But it also means that navigating a career path is more challenging than ever – even for highly qualified people. Furthermore, there are the challenges with reduced research funding and increased red tape, as well as stiff competition.

There is no longer a standard career path for researchers. What does the successful scientist of the future look like? What are the implications of technology-enabled lifelong learning and just-in-time learning?


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