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Anele Mnguni wants to help children and the youth to have goals that will make them prosper so that they again can have a good impact on their societies.

Anele Mnguni matriculated at Sibusisiwe Comprehensive Technical High School in KwaZulu-Natal. She is studying medicine at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. She was selected as one of the students for the NSTF’s Brilliants Programme in 2022.


““I want to help children and the youth to have goals that will make them prosper so that they also have a good impact on their societies”


Tell us a bit about your school?

Sibusisiwe Comprehensive Technical High School is one of the best schools in the Umlazi district of KwaZulu-Natal and it is situated at Umbumbulu. It is well known for academic excellence and a Math Only school (i.e it does not offer maths literacy as subject – Ed). It has produced good results for many years, and the staff are not afraid of any challenges; they always exceed expectations. Sibusisiwe High School does not only provide learners with education, there are many other opportunities for learners to explore. I acknowledge, appreciate and applaud the school management team and staff for the hard work they put into achieving academic excellence. I am one of the learners who are privileged and honoured to be part of the Sibusisiwe family.

Why do you think some people have a problem with math and science? What would you do to solve the problem?

Math and science are sometimes complicated, especially if you do not practice all the time. When I was in grade11 we were faced with the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools were closed and we were affected a lot. My first term result were not that good, which shows that if there is no constant practice of these subjects the result will not be good. In my experience, I think people who have a problem with math and science do not practice and pay attention to these subjects. I think people who have problems with math and science should attend extra classes on weekends. I used to attend classes at Kutlwanong Centre, which teaches math and physical sciences only, and this helped me a lot to attain higher marks in these subjects. It might seem like a lot of work, but once you master math and science it becomes easier to achieve higher marks in other subjects.

Why did you enjoy science and maths?

I enjoy math and science because I like something that gives me a challenge. Once I have nailed it, I get excited and feel proud of what I can do. I also enjoy math and science because it is insightful. My teachers helped us to understand these subjects better.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the people around me and all South African citizens. I wish that someday I may contribute towards helping them to succeed in life. I want to help children and the youth to have goals that will make them prosper so that they also have a good impact on their societies.

Why did you choose the course you are studying?

I chose medicine because I am interested in how these professionals do their work. I always felt miserable when I could not help someone who is not well and I did not know what to do. I am also motivated by a family history of strokes from generation to generation, for which I hope I can find the cause of and find a solution.

A message to South African youth?

I would like to say to the South African youth to pull up their socks and fight for their rightful positions. We are meant to be leaders, not followers. Let us not make the same mistake that our parent and grandparent made, but thrive so that our generation will be better than ever.

Any tips for learners in grades 11 and 12?

  • Pray to God before you study and ask Him what you what or ask anyone to pray with you
  • Be humbled and listen to your teachers’ advice
  • Do not think you have all the time, start studying early so that you will have more time to revise what you have forgotten
  • Aim for higher marks and work hard
  • Calm down, do not stress too much

What advice do you have for matriculants who have to apply for places in higher education institutions?

I would advise matriculants to not stress because they have so much to do, but to ask for help from family, friends and teachers. Apply to more than one institution and as soon as the applications for higher education institutions open.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

In 10 years’ time I see myself being a medical doctor, being more independent, telling people about my story and changing their lives. I see myself improving lives of South Africa by working with orphans, the elderly and people suffering from addiction.

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