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UNGA78 Science Summit Panel: Pitfalls of AI 

Pitfalls of AI: AI is becoming indispensable as users of various AI technologies become aware of the advantages of using it. AI can perform frequent, high volume and automated tasks without fatigue, can process big data, and gives out accurate predictions in shorter time frames than humans are capable of. This reduces human errors and provides actionable information quicker than manual processes. The predictive ability of Large Language Models (LMM) has become phenomenal, making it possible for AI to learn human language and conventions with increasing accuracy and give satisfactory responses to human queries. However, the shortcomings of chatbots like ChatGPT which are based on LMMs are becoming evident – their performance is based on what they find on the internet and everything in the outputs is fabricated, as the AI’s purpose is to combine what is available on the internet in a plausible form.


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