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Boikanyo Khoza wants to further her studies so that she can become an inspiration for the upcoming generation in her township.

Boikanyo is studying medicine at Sefako Makgato Health Sciences University. She matriculated at Modilati Secondary School in Hammanskraal in Gauteng.

“Let us start making a difference today, so that the upcoming generation can have a home to live in.”

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you? What inspires you?

I am from Hammanskraal, Stinkwater which is a township in Pretoria. I am currently a first-year medicine student at Sefako Makgato Health Sciences University. I like to spend most of my time studying and reading novels for fun. I am mostly inspired by people who have been on the same journey as me and have achieved their goals. I am also inspired by my background, having grown up in an underdeveloped township where people live under poverty and the youth are abusing substances (alcohol and drugs). I want to further my studies so that I can become an icon for the upcoming generation in my township to look up to me.

Why did you choose the course you are studying?

What I noticed a few years ago is that I have been fascinated by life. I have always had questions that no one has given me answers for. Questions like why people get sick. On this pilgrimage of my academic journey, I have discovered that I need to study every day, as procrastination has never resulted in a good outcome. So, while you still have the opportunity to study, grab it with both hands because you will thank yourself in the future.

What advice do you have for matriculants who have to apply for places in higher education institutions?

Apply on time and aim high in your academics because there is competition for space in universities, and they prioritise the best students during the selection process. Also be aware of the closing date for the applications.

Understanding excellence – what makes an achiever?

It is the little victories that we attain every day, and as time goes on, they add up to a big thing which is an achiever. So, people should not be afraid of little progress because it is what makes you successful in life.

A message to South African youth in general?

The economy of South Africa is in our hands, and it requires us as the youth to have a mindset of change and the hunger to see ourselves being better than we were yesterday. So let us start making a difference today so that the upcoming generation can have a home to live in.

If you had ONE opportunity to speak directly to a very influential person, who would you choose and what would you say to them?

I would choose Mr Patrice Motsepe. I would tell him that I admire how he invests in the youth of South Africa, supporting those with talent and academic excellence.

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